The End is Nigh

by Think Again

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Released 07/01/10 on Arrest Records. Available on CD.

We're putting this up for free download for one week only. If you enjoy this release, please pick up a physical copy from Arrest Records and support anything else that label does. It's only $5 on the AR webstore!


released July 1, 2010

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Stack at Format Audio in Haverhill, Massachusetts in February 2010.

Barak Soreff - Vocals
Tyler Saunders - Guitar
Tyson Luneau - Bass, Vocals
Tom Halamoutis - Guitar
Kurt Stephan - Drums

Guest vocals on "The Feast" by Tim Rummo (The Nasty)
Guest vocals on "Desperation" by Anthony Devine (Bastardswine)
Guest vocals on "Break Away" by Johnnie Limit (Word for Word)

Album art by Nev. Live photo by Todd Pollock. Layout, design, and still photos by Tyson Luneau.

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THINK AGAIN Haverhill, Massachusetts

Think Again is a hardcore/punk band from Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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Track Name: I Don't Care (About Your Shit)
I don't care about your shit.
We've all got problems to deal with.
All you do is bitch and moan.
You disgust me with your self-righteous views.
All you care about is yourself, you're a self-righteous fool.
I don't care about your shit and I don't care about you.
You think that life's so hard, we've got problems too.
Your sob stories are getting old.
You're not the only one who's got it bad.
You complain but all you do is criticize, your words are nothing more than lies.
I have no time to sympathize with you 'cause you're a waste of life.
Shut your mouth 'cause all the shit that comes out is just twisted truth.
Your life's so bad, well I guess it really must be if you can't live past a lie.
Track Name: The Feast
Bound hand and foot, blindfolded and gagged.
Helpless and fearful, naked and starving.
Severed tongues speak neither truth nor lies.
Nothing more than worthless trophies.
So I throw them to the dogs, this inglorious feast.
A necessary evil, that distinction mine and mine alone.
I drench the fire in gasoline, bathe the flesh in flames.
I must consume my bretheren, I need to taste their pain.
Bare my teeth in ecstasy as blood runs down my chin.
Scattered bones lay underfoot, it's been awakened;
The beast within.
What have I done?
Track Name: The End is Nigh
The voices of men have all but been forgotten
Silence reigns supreme, all hope's been abandoned
But what is hope but a void in rationality?
As humans, we succumb to evils inherently.
No one dares to sleep, to dream is suicide
Unwanted matrimony with death, an eager bride
Out minds mask what we do not wish to see
Words obscure our motives
Everything is a lie, nothing matters, we're all gonna die
The end is nigh
We tried so hard to leave a mark, to no avail
A constant struggle through times so dark and we failed
Track Name: No Escape
This flesh that binds me holds me back
The human race, there's no way out of its trap
Born into a life where we're destined to rot
I'm an inmate of my body, a prisoner to my thoughts
No escape
Confined to a cell walled by flesh, barred by bone
I forged these chains all on my own.
Each day closer to impending doom
A one way toad to an eternal tomb
You can run from your troubles and you can run from the law
But in the end you can't run from who you are
Inner struggle and yet you look to the sky
When its we who placed ourselves on the brink of our demise
A history of persecution, mankind invents the means of its own destruction
All of us victims to a singular plight
There's no escape but death from this dead end life
Inner struggle, I won't look to the sky
'Cause its me who placed myself on the brink of my demise.
Track Name: Desperation
Miserably tired ,yet we trudge on in quiet desperation
A misguided clan, our bodies scourged by this barren land of desolation
We hold no reservations and no remorse for your society that was thrown off course.
No method to the madness, every day just blurs into the next,
We burn the candle at both ends
Thieves in the night, stealing back all that we can
'Cause we were robbed of your perfect life, and we're reminded again and again.
Track Name: Dragging Me Under
Can't go on living this way
Same old shit, different day.
All that I've done and I've got nothing to show
Losing my mind and there's nowhere to go
I've gotta get out of this place, I've gotta get away
It's dragging me under day by day
And you're adding to my confusion
I'm running out of places to turn
No matter what I do I'm losing
Realization sears me like a burn
Opportunity has passed me by, this ship for me has sailed
Opportunity has passed me by, this ship for me is gone.
Track Name: The Damned
Demons in my mind, opened my eyes to see that nothing's fine.
I won't believe their lies, I'd rather die than let them change my life.
No love for the damned, no love for me.
Never was a dreamer, I learned that lesson quick.
A heretical blasphemer of a world that makes me sick
Wretched, hungry, mourning a society that passed salvation.
Walk these streets of hell with pestilence and damnation.
Corrupted rulers govern from their thrones with disgrace and greed.
Without regard for the common men who occupy their streets
But what makes them so great, I will never be able to tell
'Cause I'm just another nameless face in their manufactured hell.
Track Name: Break Away
Ascension to a higher ground.
Clear your conscience, open your mind
Break free from the bane of every day
No compromises, these hands are my own
This is black and white.
This cage has been here since I was born,
You just cam and opened the door.
Mankind, empty faces are all I see
Black eyes, staring back at me.
Controlling me from day one, it was drilled in my head.
Through skin to bone, this is as hard as its gets
We took the high road, what did you expect?
Every day, it builds and builds till every bone tells you to break away.
Shed the shackles which imprison your soul.
It's your mind and your body, you take control
Don't listen to what others day
It's your life, break away.
Track Name: Downfall
We live our lives afraid, we work our lives away
And all for what? A grave it a grave
My motivation, a name and number etched in stone
When did six feet underground start to feel like home?
Is this the way it was supposed to be?
Dying day by day in a dead society?
Is this the way it was supposed to go?
Nothing is certain anymore.
I just don't know, am I the only man who has ever seen to my demands?
I don't need any help, I can pass judgement on myself
Because I will be a merciless critic, traded naivety for the thoughts of a cynic.
Asked too many questions and got nowhere
So who are you to tell me what's fair?
Because I am only human, but that's not my fault
Because we are only human, and that will be our downfall...